Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Grinch Tree if finished and I just love it

Finished Tree
Hand in tree
Feet positioned under tree

Second layer of Celluclay

                                  I really enjoyed making my Grinch theme tree. I started with drawing out what I wanted for the hands and feet and went from there. I decided to start with a cloth head and add celluclay.  I then added paper clay for details.  This was an ongoing process over several days. After it was dry I painted and stained the finished piece and wired the head to the top of the tree.  I plan on adding ornaments and such and will keep you posted.

Pattern pieces I drew out
Stuffed hand with wire x2

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas Crafting.......So Excited

Well it is 3:00 Am and I am wide awake. Been planning all week for my days off from the hospital to do some Christmas crafting for me. I want a million snowmen and the best place to start is with number 1 LOL. I have been haunting Pinterest for the last few days looking for inspirations in clay and cloth. I love Extreme Prim and am leaning in that direction for today. I have several ideas this morning. Just gathering my thoughts and waiting for for my hubby to wake up before I start making a lot of noise. Wish me luck. I am adding a link to my Pinterest board so you can see what I been using to get me excited.

Christmas Doll Board

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday Morning and My Wish For Christmas

I spend so many hours creating, painting and reading about how to create, paint and other such articles that I forget to just enjoy my day. Right now I am lying in bed watching TV snuggled under the covers with a diet MT. Dew. I would prefer to stay here all day. But as with most days, I have a mountain of things to finish up. I think if I had never picked up a paint brush or a pack of clay my life would be so much simpler and possibly easier. I so enjoy my art but it is overwhelming. I wonder if other artists feel the same pressure to create, not so much from fans but from myself. I lay awake at night thinking of my next project. I wish I could turn it off and on when I want to think about it. That is my wish for Christmas. A button to keep the art bugs at bay. The voices that haunt my every second. The dolls that scream from the gallery as I try to work or interact with my friends. I would like to say to them this morning, SHUT UP!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sale on Etsy........last one of the year!

I have decided to put my shop on sale for the next few days.  It ends the 15th so not much time left.  I have been working on getting things ready for next year so wanted to clear out some of the shelves.

Etsy Shop

I have also added a new treasury of fun and macabre items that you might want to take a gander at.  It is just a fun, shopping type of day.

Click here for Treasury

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Nov. Art Doll Quarterly.........look for the Voodoo Child

I got my copy of next quarters Art Doll Quarterly in the mail and I am thrilled to grace its pages.  It is such a cool magazine and it is an honor to be included.  There are so many wonderful artists in this issue.  I would so love to join them somewhere and just ask them their secrets.  Here is a sneak peak at my page.

Here is a link so you can order your copy if you don't already have a subscription.

Art Doll Quarterly

 My doll is the little voodoo doll Cubit to the right. I have the technique in my article too.

The doll on the cover is fantastic and there are several others inside that are even more fantastic.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Ky Crafted - I am in!

Well I finally applied to Ky Crafted the first of August and got my letter that I was juried in.  Very excited about this's, should really make a difference in my future. I really need to get to work now and get some work together.  Hope to here soon from Art Doll Quarterly about my Circus Klan.

Ky Crafted

Friday, September 13, 2013

Circus Extravaganza

I have spent the last 3 weeks of my life creating a Circus Freak Show.  These creatures are made of paper and polymer clays and painted with acrylic paints. I was inspired by an art challenge but it has taken on a life of its own.  I have really enjoyed this process by it really took a toll on my creativity. Needed a few days off, LOL.

Any comments would be appreciated.......

Monday, August 19, 2013

New Week...........what shall I make this week..........

Well Stampington and Co. have another challenge coming up for Art Doll Quarterly so any doll makers out there should gear up and get those dolls sent in.  I have several dolls in the works, I really need to concentrate on finishing something.
Here are a couple of dolls I submitted to Prims this past week.  They are a bit on the Christmasy side.

 This is a one eyed, buck toothed clown with all the prim fixins.

Prim angel with cloth wings.....and
Buck tooth Santa with a skull bag full of goodies

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

A friend on Facebook just sent me a link to some very cool art.......Skot Olsen. I had not seen any of this and have decided I really like it. He has a very unique view of the world. I have added a link to his site..

Skot Olsen Works

Horror Movie........Conjuring

I went to see this movie yesterday and I thought it was awesome.  The story has been done a million times but if you want a movie that makes you jump then this is it.  I think I may have even screamed a time or two. LOL

Conjuring Trailor

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Create a Hinged Metal Memory Journal

This is a fantastic tutorial for DIY jewelry journals.......took the mystery out of the hinge.  Those of us who do not know the trade are amazed at the design of things.

Create a Hinged Metal Memory Journal

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Great Site for Doll Classes

Sometimes I spend hours just browsing the net because I have exhausted my creative light so I came upon this website a while ago that offers doll classes at an affordable price.  I thought I would share this site with any OOAK doll makers out there.  Knowledge is power they say and it certainly makes the day go faster, LOL.
They have some great classes on basics for polymer and Sculpey clays.

A For Artistic

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I found another wonderful doll video today.........these are so creative.  I would love to make one of some of my characters.......this one is kind of sad but it is so cool.  It shows how human these little creatures we make can be.  I love the voodoo them too.

Sebastians Voodoo

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fall Art Doll Quarterly..........My Santos Doll

My Santos doll made it into the new Art Doll Quarterly from Stampington and Company's family of magazines. This is my first time being published so I am psyched. They do a fantastic job and I am honored to be included.
 It hits stands Aug. 1,  and is their Halloween issue.  It is so great you will want to buy a bunch and share.  There are so many wonderful artists in this issue, Scott Smith, E. J. Taylor, Edgar Shrum,  Bill Nelson and many others.  It is hard to put down, inspiration overload.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another Doll short film...........Love this

Another Doll short film...........Love this.  The name is Zero but his number is worth more than they realize.


Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Must See Animated Film for Doll Makers

I just discovered the little dolls of Amanda Louise Spayd and she had this wonderful video on her website, so intriguing. A must see for doll makers

the fine art creatures of Amanda Louise Spayd: ArtZine Interview: Filmmaker Ashley Brook from WOSU Public Media interviewed me last summer, and put together a wonderful little segment about my work for the...

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday evening spent looking for Etsy apps...........

Well I have spent the last couple of hours looking for Etsy apps.  There seems to be a lot out there so I thought I would share what I have found.  Maybe someone else will find these to be helpful too.
This is a blog I ran across that has several listed and they all look like they would be an asset to any Etsy seller.
5 Must Have Etsy Apps, they mention Statsy and Etsy on Sale, mailchimp and Shoeboxed.  I have not used any of these yet as I have just found them.  There seems to be tons of help out there and it never occurred to me for some reason.  I suppose since I spend most of my time trying to play in the mud or covered in paint  that I just wasn't paying attention.  I sold on Ebay for years and new all the latest gadgets so I suppose that I am just not putting in the time to my Etsy shop that I put into Ebay years ago.
 I will do my best to rectify that since Ebay has lost its sparkle for me.
I will try to add things to this post as I find them and happy selling.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Just added these babies to my Etsy shop....
they are so funny.  They have a loop at the top so they are meant to hang from a Halloween tree but the bodies are wire so they can be gently posed and sat around as these are.  They each have tons of personality and they would add a bit of Halloween spooky, creepy fun to your day.

Link to my shop.....Cumberland Falls 

Hope y'all enjoy.  I am off to work on
some Creative Paper Clay figures that I have had lying around for a week or so.
Listening to Darius Rucker and Wagon Wheel.  I love that song, but I love his voice no matter what he is singing.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Good Morning America..........

I was reading thru my emails and found a great
idea on what to do with that driftwood piling up for those of you who collect it.  My husband has piles so this is a fantastic way to display
the one of a kind pieces.

Folk   Click the link to see

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

New Art Inspiration

Was browsing around the net and found a great sight for ATCs at Illustrated ATCs and some wonderful information on how to create great art projects of all kinds.  Here is a link to Art Trader Magazine ....................I thought they had some very creative things on there too.  If I had all day to browse the internet I would be full of ideas but of course no work to show.  I am posting a pic of my latest creations.  Some Halloween primitive clay dolls for you to look at.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I listing this painting on Etsy.  Pleas read the attached poem that tells a little more of the story, LOLWell sometimes we wake up with a bit of a headache, maybe we just don't feel that well or maybe it is simply a hang over, but it gets to us. This gourd woke up with a headache and a bad attitude. His sissy kitty with MOM tattooed on his rear is just watching the carnage as Mr. Gourd decides his is gonna slit the ol' moon an eye gash and maybe take out some of that light. But the moon is tougher than he he thought. He is layers and layers of pure light. He just needs to grab another beer and get over it. LOL

In the still of the night,a shrill scream was heard.    
View Listing
It wasn't a man, a baby or a bird.

They looked to the ground
they looked to the air
low and behold it just wasn't fair

The moon had a gash
the size of a planet
Who would do this horrible deed, Dammit

Out of the dark came a growling gourd
He was swaying and swearing
His teeth ugly and tearing

This was such a tragedy
The townsfolk were mad                                            
the children were sad

They shook their clubs,
they shook their heads
They killed that gourd, they killed him dead,

This painting is mixed media on gallery stretched canvas.

Size: 11x14 inches....staple free sides are painted black so no frame is needed.

Signed and dated as always

Please email me if you have any questions.........

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I just read the story of the Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy by Tim Burton and oh my how sad.   I was expecting a child's story but this was a little off the beaten path.   It has all the classic signs of a a children's story and then...............Well you will have to read for yourself.  Truly interesting take on the lame, lost and blind.

Tim Burton Stories

Tim Burton's Animated Film

I was browsing the net early this morn and came across this short animated film by Burton and thought it was sooooo cute.  I love Vincent, he is so dramatic and fun.  
The ghoulish tone and black and white fot he film make it haunting, keeping me on the edge of my seat. Loved it....
Here is a link
Tim Burton's Vincent

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Newest Halloween Goodie

This fellow is made of Creative Paper Clay with wire, scraps of paper and a friendly disposition for the Witches.  He was raised by a silly witch named Esmerelda who taught him to fly and always be happy or at least know a spell to fix it.  He loves his orange and black broom and couldn't imagine life without all the Halloween hype that goes on in the Coven on October 31st.
He measures about 7 inches high

He has found a new home........SOLD

Sunday, June 23, 2013

 This is a nice spooky Clown Zombie Voodoo
doll and I have it available for sale on Etsy at
Cumberland Falls Arts
This is my Grimm Messenger Voodoo doll also on sale in my shop at Etsy.  Both dolls will be accompanied by 3 skull head pins that are hand made and he has a wire loop at the top of his head so he can be hung in that special place where you need a bit of spooky art.
Happy Sunday everyone. Well I have been browsing the classes at Artful Gathering 2013 and have really enjoyed looking around.  I have also been taking a class from Chicken Lips very own David Everett.  You can sign up for his class on Artful Gathering or get more info on his Blog at  Chicken Lips by David Everett.
He is a wonderful teacher and gives so many great tips about Celluclay and how to use it.  There are other wonderful classes that you can take.  A very creative group this year.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Zombie Dolls......Ready for the world LOL

 This is Captain Hook. He is an Extreme Primitive Zombie doll with a bone to pick with that gator. LOL.   I have been making voodoo zombie dolls and this is one of them.  I forgot to take pics with his skull pins so I will add a pic with those.  He is $50 plus shipping which in the USA is $3.00.  He comes with 3 skull pins, a personalized tag and will be signed and dated.