Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas Crafting.......So Excited

Well it is 3:00 Am and I am wide awake. Been planning all week for my days off from the hospital to do some Christmas crafting for me. I want a million snowmen and the best place to start is with number 1 LOL. I have been haunting Pinterest for the last few days looking for inspirations in clay and cloth. I love Extreme Prim and am leaning in that direction for today. I have several ideas this morning. Just gathering my thoughts and waiting for for my hubby to wake up before I start making a lot of noise. Wish me luck. I am adding a link to my Pinterest board so you can see what I been using to get me excited.

Christmas Doll Board

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Kristine said...

me too Deb!! im right there with you at the same hour of day. :)