Blackheart Family

The Blackhearts were a family of misfits that drank too much, smoked incessantly and preferred bondage over love.  They used their cruelty as a gauge of their love and affection.  This is a collection of prints from those paintings.  Prints are available in 2 sizes:  ACEO (2.5 x3.5 inches) for $2.00 each or 5x7 inches for $ 6.00.  Please email me for shipping rates to your area.  

This has the Matriarch of the family riding the family pet with a whip and as you can see it has sustained some injuries.


 This is the very first Blackheart painting I did.  She is leaving the Grime minds and as you can see is disgusted as is the rest of the family.
Her little one has a balloon and she is hiding the scissors but she intends to cut the ribbon and set it free. I can hear the child's screaming from here.
She didn't have a babysitter so she hung the kids from the local tree to keep them safe. She is a bad mother.
This is the family reunion. The adults both have black eyes and the bunny is humping her leg.
She is always under a black cloud.
She is being led around by the pets because she just can't get her shit together.
She couldn't find a pinata for the family birthday so why not beat the rabbit to death, LOL.
The kids don't play well together.
Here she is fishing off a local mt with the bunny as the bait.  You can see the city in the background.

She lives in pitiful conditions.  She uses an old toilet as a washing machine.
The bunny is trying to drag her to her death.
This is a recent work.  Carving up the family pumpkin. He looks frightened.
This is her husband dragging her around in a daydream.
Here she put her pet dog on a pike for killing the family bunny.  She appears to be grieving pretty heavily.
Here she is dragging the bunny in the dirt with a smile.
She is teaching the bunny to torture the dog.
This is a happy family portrait.
She is telling the bunny how much she loves him as she is tying him up.
Day dreaming the day away.
The dog is trying to explain what happened to the stupid bunny.
She has found a new devil balloon.
Parrot Head........nothing like a beer and a bird to keep you company.
She is trying to sew the bunny back together.
The bunny found a balloon with her likeness and is enjoying flying it around.
She is corrupting her bunny by giving him a light and teaching him how to smoke.
Here she is playing nurse and is taking the stuffing out of the rabbit so she can see what's inside.
She crucified her hubby and hung the baby, put on her finest dress and is heading to the bar.
Just hanging out on top of the world
This is the night her beloved proposed. It was so bad the moon puked.
Mom is drinking a  beer, smoking a cig and teaching the baby to lie.
Walking the dog
Christmas party gone wild.  She is roasting the bunny and look at her Beer tree.
Too close to the sun.
Shot gun angel
Teaching them to Spar
She has tied down the dog and given the whip to the kitty.  Totally brutal.
The dog has followed in mamas footsteps and hug the cat and bunny.


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