Herschel's Adventures

Herschel was a character I created in somewhere in 2007 and he has been a lot of fun to grow with.  He started out as an old dope smoker who was trying to impress is date.  He later became a psycho who was stalking a heart and killing Cupid. He has a very dark side but is really just insecure and is looking for love. Unfortunately, even his heart betrays him when ever it gets the chance.   
Prints are available in small sizes from ACEO size (2.5x 3.5 inches) for $2.50 each and 5x7 inches for $5.00 each.   Please email me for if you have any questions and if you would like to purchase prints. 

Herschel hanging Cupid after a very heated argument.
Herschel takes his heart to the Tiki God for healing.  But the Tiki God laughs at Herschel and tells him there is no healing his broken heart.
Herschel holds his heart while it rests and the Devil appears to him as if in a dream and tells Herschel that he should kill all hearts, even his own.  Herschel looks around him and sees dying hearts surrounding him.
Herschel's heart has been shredded and he collapses at the top of the ridge and begins to cry.  He cries so long he floods the town below.  An angel appears to Herschel and begs him to stop the killing.
Herschel meets the heart of his dreams and they toast the night away under the full moon and champagne.  Herschel has never been happier.
Herschel discovers his heart cheating on him.  This pushes fragile Herschel over the edge.
Herschel's fragile ego has snapped and he begins slaughtering hearts everywhere.  He was a modern day Herschel the Ripper.
Herschel's heart was arrogant and full of itself.  She was always bullying Herschel into a love he could not win.  Here he caves under pressure and threatens to drive a stake into his own chest to spite the heart that lived there.
The Devil couldn't even stand Herschel.  He was sent to Hell for all his misdeeds but he brought his heart with him.  The Devil was so stricken with disgust he told Herschel to GET OUT!
Herschel blamed Cupid for his heart troubles and kept the poor thing on the lookout at all times.
Here Herschel has cut himself up pretty good and is passing on to the clouds in Heaven. He is resting on a cloud with heart angels all around him.

Herschel has just received his dear Herschel letter and even the moon weeps with him. Of all the hearts he had to pick from the tree of Life, he picked the deceitful and unkind.
Herschel liked to drink and sometimes he just drinks too much.  He thinks of his lost love and thinks maybe it would be easier if he just went away.
Herschel heart writes him a love letter and it gets caught in the wind. She watches and he chases it frantically.
Herschel rips out his heart and hangs it under a broken moon. He rips up the letter and hangs his head to cry.
Herschel bleeds for his long lost love.
This painting was a commission of Sisyphus, the  was a king of Ephyra (now known as Corinth) punished for chronic deceitfulness by being compelled to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down, and to repeat this action forever. Here the Grim Reaper follows him awaiting any slip of the foot. 
Herschel spears his heart and awaits an apology.
In a moment of weakness he begs God for his heart back, he is willing to repent if he must.

Herschel was on a blind date and Cupid in all his wisdom blinds his date with his arrow.
Herschel meets a happy heart in the changing room.  Look at that smile, LOL
Herschel drags his heart to the Mt oracle.  He gets there and the sign says 25 cents and all Herschel has is 15 cents to his name.  He should just jump at that moment. What a loser.

This was the first Herschel painting.  He is sharing a joint with his sweetie as they share a psychedelic moment.
Herschel is sharing a quiet moment with his beloved heart.  He looks so happy, for him anyway.

Herschel is taking is heart on a walk to Heart Mt.  he has heard that is has magical love powers and can give him control.

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