Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday Morning and My Wish For Christmas

I spend so many hours creating, painting and reading about how to create, paint and other such articles that I forget to just enjoy my day. Right now I am lying in bed watching TV snuggled under the covers with a diet MT. Dew. I would prefer to stay here all day. But as with most days, I have a mountain of things to finish up. I think if I had never picked up a paint brush or a pack of clay my life would be so much simpler and possibly easier. I so enjoy my art but it is overwhelming. I wonder if other artists feel the same pressure to create, not so much from fans but from myself. I lay awake at night thinking of my next project. I wish I could turn it off and on when I want to think about it. That is my wish for Christmas. A button to keep the art bugs at bay. The voices that haunt my every second. The dolls that scream from the gallery as I try to work or interact with my friends. I would like to say to them this morning, SHUT UP!!!!!!!

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