Thursday, March 13, 2014

These are my latest Halloween dolls submitted to ADQ

These are two clay doll made of celluclay and paper clays that I submitted to the Anthropomorphic challenge at ADQ. Both these dolls are hand sculpted and painted in Acrylic paints.  Pumpkin Kings book is made of cardboard and decorative papers. I have drawn little drawings and wrote a story in the book.
Cat Mania also is hand sculpted and his little skull shaker is made of paper clay on wooden dowel.  Each one of these measures around 13 inches seated.

Pumpkin King 


Margo said...

I saw your work in ADQ and thought it was really fab! Love how funky and weird, if you don't mind me saying, it is.

Cumberland Falls Arts by Debra and Mike Kersey said...

Thank you Margo,
I don't mind at all. I like to keep it fresh and fun!!